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Naturally, daycare isn’t for every dog, but for the average sociable (even hesitantly social) dog, it can be the best thing in the world! Dogs are pack animals. Without a pack, they may not have all their social needs met, nor necessarily learn how to behave around other dogs. We help them fulfill their natural doggy drive to play and socialize in groups, and incidentally burn up a whole bunch of energy. (Do you know any dogs that need to get some energy out!?) Some dogs are more shy or nervous at first, and many of these dogs eventually come around and really enjoy themselves. Some dogs, of course, are in doggy heaven as soon as they enter the yard.

Yes! We now have Tiny Town which is a place for all the “littles” to romp and play without being intimidated by bigger dogs. Older or more shy dogs also may hang out in Tiny Town if they seem bothered by anything that’s happening in the main area.

7 days a week our daycare dogs get to play and socialize from the time they arrive until daycare ends, at which point they are put in a kennel ready to be picked up! Our goal is to provide a positive social environment where all dogs play in harmony!

Of course, we don’t tolerate any unfriendly behavior in our play groups, and we use a variety of non-harming methods for correcting unwanted behavior (also including barking). Our goal is to teach the dogs what is appropriate (acceptable) behavior, not to punish them for inappropriate behavior. Our corrective methods include: squirt bottles with water, leadership walks on a slip lead around the yard, verbal/vocal commands and corrections, body-blocking (to separate dogs), and gentle physical corrections or re-directions. In some cases, we also use time-outs, in order to get a dog to calm down and cease trouble-making behavior.

However, if your dog requires lunch, you can bring that for them in an air tight container with their name written on it and we will feed them (in their own private kennel run) at lunch time, at no additional charge. Want convenience? For $3 we would provide a quality lunch if needed. Also, please be sure your dog is wearing a quick-release collar (pretty much any collar with a plastic buckle), which we can keep on them throughout the day.


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